Funhouse Music Videos

These music videos were produced by Funhouse Films for various record companies and recording artists. We work with artists and managers from ideas to final edit to create an image that's right for the artist. We can offer film crew and camera packages at very competitive rates and the unique capacity to design and integrate animation into live performances where appropriate. We also provide sound systems, stage lighting, and multitrack recording if needed. Have a record coming out? Let us create a video for you. E-mail us at: or call (510) 264-9717.

Sliden Video ThumbnailSlidenFeaturing: Cobra, Dru Down, and Knucklehead

Cars, Girls, Gangstas, and Rappers; what more could you want?

Here for You Video Thumbnail I'll be Here for You Featuring: Nathan Humphreys

Violin Muses and a promise of everlasting devotion. What an offer!

Coming to a Day Video ThumbnailComing to a Day Featuring: 7th House

Intimacy and distance, longing and ecstasy, an artistic duo and dualities.

The Streets of San Francisco ThumbnailThe Streets of San Francisco Featuring: Dontay

The big man makes the streets of San Francisco safe for rapocrasy (and Hammer free).

Secret Agent Man Video ThumbnailSecret Agent Man

007 move over! A fresh look at the classic 60's TV theme song.

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