"Sliden" Music Video

Sliden Title FrameMusic and Video © 1996 Nu Quest Records

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The Stars

Cobra close up Rap Artist Cobra
Dru Down close up Rap Artist Dru Down
Knucklehead close up Rap Artist Knucklehead

Cobra in Caddi close up wide shot Caddi

Cobra cruises the Oaktown in his drop top Caddi.

Cobra driving close up Knucklehead diving med shot

The Players, always on the watch for player haters.

Car doing doughnuts The Governor blowing smoke

Cobra and his player partners smoke the competition...

Freaks in car Freaks get into Caddi

...and take their freaks.

Cobra low angle close up little Cobra med shot

Oaktown is safe for the next generation of players.

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