The Streets of San Francisco Music Video

Dontay motorcycling on BroadwayVideo and Music ©1990 Bentley Records

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Dontay working out Dontay close up

Set in the mean streets and steamy gyms of San Francisco, Dontay Newman makes his debut as a rap artist.

Dontay & posse vs. the Hammer posse MC Hammer and Posse

Having originally gained rap music fame as MC Hammer's bodyguard, Dontay declares his independence from his former boss. The Hammer posse is no match for Dontay and his gallant crusaders.

Dontay's gang hits MC Hammer's Dontay vs. dancing Hammer
Dontay in police line up Drug dealers caught

Facing jealous busters and false accusations, Dontay goes on to clean up the streets.

Militia woman in evaporator Militia women defend Dontay

Dontay's loyal fans carry on the battle, always ready to defend their champion.

Dontay in Gold's Gym Dotay riding Mercedes with girls

Always strong and always ready, Dontay enjoys the fruits of victory.

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