Funhouse Films was founded in 1990 to produce music video and animation projects. We have since produced dramatic films, multimedia illustrations, several music videos, and many short animations.

Tom Sephton photoTom Sephton is a filmmaker and animator with ten years of professional experience making dramatic films and music videos. The founding member of Funhouse Films, Tom works at all phases of a project from script to final soundtrack. He also freelances as a cinematographer, camera operator, and video editor. Tom's animation skills range from claymation to computers. He has created melodramas in clay, comedies of pixillated people, and computer animation for music videos, commercials, and corporate videos. Scientific and technical media projects benefit from Tom's degree in biochemistry from UC Berkeley and six years experience working in research labs. Tom has created digital illustrations and animation for educational multimedia and technical illustrations for print and video. He also has fifteen years of professional experience as an audio engineer specializing in mixing live popular music from all over the world. Tom offers a wide range of skills and an unstoppable creative drive. arrow Tom's Resume

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Rich Hainey photoRich Haynie is a man with a need for speed. A video games ace and racing enthusiast in his spare time, Rich has a solid fifteen years of film and video production experience. He's worked as a cameraman, director and editor on several Funhouse film and music video projects since 1990. Rich has also worked extensively as a video cameraman, on-line editor, and live multi-camera director for major corporate clients. Rich earned his Bachelor's in Film & Television Production in Pennsylvania. He's been working steadily on both coasts since, building a reputation as a fast and creative editor in both videotape and non-linear formats. His quick eye, focused high energy style and excellent people skills make him sought after as a multi camera director. As a cameraman, Rich can be counted on to get the shot. Rich brings a thorough technical knowledge and artistic talent to Funhouse Films' video projects. He's also well prepared for the evolution to digital video technology working daily with computer editing and effects systems. On top of that he can probably shoot the pants off you in any computer videogame you want to name. arrowRich's Resume

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