"I'll Be Here for You" Music Video

Here For You Title Image

Music ©1990 Kenny Taylor,
Video © 1990 Tom Sephton

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The Cast

Nathan close upNathan Humphreys: recording artist, leading man
Gail close upGail Gamble: leading lady
Debbie close upDebbie DelMonte: violin muse
Lorraine close upLorraine Wong: violin muse
Toni close upToni Kerr: violin muse

The Story

Gail alone at dinner tableGail sitting alone by the sea

A young woman abandoned by a thoughtless husband, alone and heartbroken.

Nate singing on mic Nate backlit with Muses

A young man with a silver voice and a heart of gold.

Nate by windows with Muses 3 Violin Muses behind windows

3 Muses play on their hearts to bring them together.

Nate singing with Muses Gail looking up with loving eyes

The music of love lifts a broken heart. (Aww, so sweet)

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