Animation at Funhouse Films

A major focus at Funhouse Films is animation production. We provide animation production services to film, video, and multimedia producers. Working day and night to meet your production deadlines is par for the course around here. We love creating animations and are adept with computers, clay, or whatever media fit the project. Final results can be delivered on film, Betacam SP or other video formats, or any of several computer image and movie file formats. If you need animation for your projects we'd like to send you a video copy of our reel. Please call (510) 264-9717 or E-mail You'll find our rates very reasonable and our quality excellent.

Funhouse with Mantis

Computer Animation Sample Reel in Real Video 10.4MB

Here are some examples of what we do:

Senex bar sceneShort Films: Short allegorical films feature characters of clay, bits of metal, or bits of data.

Tri Valley Growers Logo ThumbnailFlying Logos: Your organization's logo can be recreated in 3 dimensions with dramatic animation. Give video, tradeshow presentations, and multimedia products the flair of network television intros.

Wells Fargo Top Gun logoCorporate Communication: Animated Graphics for corporate video and event productions.

STAR particle detector frameConceptual Illustration: Unique visualizations to communicate ideas.

Breast Cancer Cells imageScientific Illumination: Animations can be created to show scientific or medical processes too small or too difficult to photograph directly.

3D Cartoon flySilicon Critters: Computer animated characters created to establish a product identity, communicate with people of all backgrounds , or just for fun.

Dweeble on planetInteractive Cartoons: Character animation for games or educational multimedia.

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