Silicon Critters

3D Cartoon Ant

Introducing Anim Ant, a tough little bugger, created just for fun.

Real Video clip 419 kb

MC Hammers

(MC) Hammers for Bently Records.(1990)

Real Video clip 409 kb

Robot Microphone

Walking microphone for Oaktown Records.(1994)

Mantis in room

Mantis for "Mantis Kung Fu" video, Pacific Rim Publishing (1992)

Real Video clip 123 kb

Mean RobotClick Me

Robodemon for Cyber Destinies game.(1994)

Cartoon Fish finds an Oil Slick in San Francisco BayCartoon Fish escapes an Oil Slick in San Francisco Bay

Dumping Oil into San Francisco Bay for US Navy environmental video by Eyeful Tower Films (1997)

Metal Mantis in Tunnel

Metal Mantis attack in tunnel animation, just for fun.(1995)

Real Video clip 231 kb

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