Short Animated Films

Sometimes a person is compelled to make a film. These animations are an expression of that imperative. There may be a moral to the story, or it may be just for fun.

Fly on leafFlytrapA Romantic Comedy? (3 min)

An amorous fly meets his match.

Senex bar scene with titleSenexMelodrama in Plasticine (3 1/2 min)

A bad day for a lump of clay.

Title pictureThe QuestA Personal Drama (3 min)

A young lump of clay comes to a fork in his road and makes a critical choice.

Title pictureA View of the Problem Solving Process in the Government of the United States of AmericaDocudrama (3 min)

Long title, short movie.

Title pictureEvolution of Man Docudrama (2 1/2 min)

Did God fashion man from clay...or Darwin?

Title PictureA View of the American Revolution Docudrama (2 min)

Royalist hands reaching across the ocean get stung.

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