Flying Logos

Tri Valley Growers logo

Tri Valley Growers logo animation for Wong and Murray (1996)

Real Video clip 241 kb

San Domenico School logo

San Domenico School logo animation for Pierson Communications (1998)

Real Video clip 307 kb

Kaiser Aluminum logoKaiser Aluminum logo on aluminum can

Kaiser Aluminum logo animations for Wong & Murray (1997)

Real Video clip 394 kb

Schlage face of lock frame

Schlage lock fly through animation for Suite 3D Productions (1990)

L'Image 1993 logo

L'Image fashion show logo animation for Visions Plus (1993)

Borland World Tour logo

Borland Corporation logo animation for Suite 3D Productions (1990)

Real Video clip 235 kb

Dallas Mavericks logo

Dallas Mavericks basketball team logo animation for Eyefull Tower Films (1996)

Real Video clip 366 kb

Fast Electronics logo

Fast Electronincs logo in Dallas Mavericks promo spot for Eyefull Tower Films (1996)

NERSC on computer chip frame

National Energy Research Scientific Computing and ESnet animation for Lawrence Berkeley Lab. (1996)

Real Video clip 654 kb

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