Film, Video, and Audio Equipment


  • CP-16R 16mm crystal sync film camera
  • Angieneux 9.5-57mm lens
  • Cinevid video assist system
  • JVC GY-DV500U three chip DV camera
  • Fujinon 7.3-102mm lens.
  • Sony DXC3000 three chip video camera
  • Fujinon 10-120mm lens.

Location Sound:

  • Sony TCD-10 DAT recorder
  • Neumann KM81 shotgun microphone
  • Zeppelin windscreen and fishpole
  • Sony ECM-MS5 stereo mic with power supply and shock mount
  • Aerco stereo mic preamp

Camera Mounts:

  • Manfrotto fluid head tripo
  • 12ft camera boom with triple axis camera head
  • Steadicam type mount adapts to backpack unit, bicycle, or truck for smooth camera movement in any earthbound environment.
  • Car mounts for side door and hood.

Post Production Sound:

  • Tascam MS-16 16 track tape deck
  • Adams Smith Zeta III chase lock synchronizer
  • 24 channel Soundcraft mixing console
  • Sony 3/4" video edit deck
  • ADAP I digital audio workstation
  • Hollywood Edge sound effects library


  • Stage lighting system with 16 PAR 64 instruments, 8 channel 2 scene dimmer, and a follow spot
  • 2 1kWatt video lights
  • 4 500Watt video lights
  • 1 2kWatt softlight
  • 2 Flexfill reflectors
  • 1 Flexfill silk

Live Music:

  • Concert sound reiforcement system for live music events to 2000 people.


  • GMC 2 ton HiCube van with 8X14ft box.

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