Running Poster © 1992 Thomas Sephton

The Cast

Paula close up Paula Telander as Rachel
Will close upWill Hughs as Jason
Sarah close upSarah Van Hoey as Linda
Eric on skates full shotEric Gipson as the Rollerblader

The Story in Pictures

Rachel & Linda run on roadRachel & Linda race up hill
Rachel & Linda talkingJason meets Rachel & Linda
Rachel looks up at JasonJason talks with Rachel on wood path
Rachel & Jason run in sunbeamRachel reacts to Jason's insult
Jason pulls out his knifeRachel runs in gulley
Rachel jumps into wrecked carRachel & Jason in circle of stones
Jason yells at RachelRachel runs in fern gulley
Jason looks up from fern gulleyRachel climbs toward a cliff cave
Rachel hits JasonRachel stands above Jason's body

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