What Harry Benjamin Wong Did last Saturday

Mailbox Poster © 1978 Tom Sephton

The Cast

Harry driving med close up Allen Ling as Harry Benjamin Wong

Harry and Bernice driving med 2 shotBarbara Chin as Bernice, Harry's girlfreind, or is she?

Cindy close upCindy Sun as Bernice's very best freind

Cindy close upVirginia Pisciotta as the Sicilian Courier

Won loses his shirt, med shotWon Joon Shin as the Gangster Boss

Lawrence in suit, med shotLawrence Muilenburg as the Mighty Morphin Gangster

Hoby in suit, med shotHoby Hetherington as the Over the Edge Gangster

Bill in suit, med shotBill McNab as the Look Out for that Tree Gangster

Peter chillin, med shotPeter Grossenbacher as the Gas Station Guy

Marta driving, full shot from sideMarta Nakai as the Shopping Lady

The Strange Story of what Harry did last Saturday

First a little background...

Bernice reads a letterBernice sends a letter

Bernice gets a letter, "...Yes, a drive in the country would be soooo lovely."

Now about last Saturday...

Harry waking up, slowlyHarry reads Bernice's letterThe Lawnmower attacks Harry

Hey Harry, wake up! It's your lucky day guy. But watch out for that self motivated Lawnmower.

Harry has his WheatiesHarry does his chinups

That's it Harry, every day should start with a Breakfast of Champions. Hey champ, isn't that chinup bar a little low.

Harry strains to lift heavy barbellsHarry strains to lift light barbellsHarry strains to lift no barbells

Maybe a little weightlifting. OK, a little less then? Come on, this is ridiculous!

Harry driving med close upMarta driving round bendHarry takes a drink of gas

Time for that hot date and what a great day for a drive, so many distractions. Gotta get a fill up.

Hey wait a minute. What are these people doing driving around on the seat of their pants?

Who needs a car when you've got animation!

Bernice waiting impatientlyHarry and Bernice drive off from Bernice'sHarry and Bernice drive into park

It's about time Harry. Chill out Bernice, it's still a great day for a drive. How about a nice picnic?

Bernice opens up her burger, it's bittenCindy driving med close upCindy and Bernice talkingHarry getting steamed, close up

Hey, who bit the burger? Look who else is out for a drive. Talk, talk talk, they never stop.

Virginia drivingHarry argues with VirginiaBernice finds money in Virginia's purseHarry and Bernice bump into Viginia

It seems you've bumped into the wrong person, Harry. What's this in the fiery Sicilian woman's identical purse? Bernice! You can't take that!

Virginia finds she's got the wrong purseBoss Gangster is pissedBill in suit, med shotHoby in suit, med shotLawrence in suit, med shotLawrence as Che GuevarraHarry and Bernice drive into parkHalt, Nazi Ganster holds em up

Looks like there's gonna be trouble!

Ganster holds em upGansters chase HarryBoss Ganster chasing HarryGansters drivingGansters chase Harry through treesHoby hits stumpHarry escapes through gravesNazi Ganster skis after them

Trouble indeed! Nice evasive maneuvers Harry, but what happened to Bernice?

Virginia holding gun on BerniceBernice on ground in terror

Uh oh!

Boss Ganster attacks with staffHarry attacks Gangster Boss with swordBoss Ganster kicks HarryHarry falls back in painHarry threatens Boss Ganster with pipeBoss Ganster naked behind tree

Staff Fu, Sword Fu, Foot Fu, Pain Fu, Pipe Fu...Nekkid Fu?

Bernice rides the busVirginia sets timer on a bombVirginia watches bus about to blowBernice's shoes smoking

Take the bus home Bernice. What's the Sicilian Gangster up to? Not the old bus bombing trick again!

Harry with purse full of moneyHarry becomes Harriet

No worries mate, who needs a girlfreind when you've got a purse full money.

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