Other Background:

·October 1999 to March 2004

Software Engineer Extempo Systems, Redwood City

Extempo Systems was a software company specializing in convesational interaction between humans and artificial intelligence characters. Extempo did both commercial and R&D projects in expert training.

  • Worked as lead software engineer responsible for architecting, scheduling, and managing recent software projects.
  • Wrote Java applications, applets, and APIs supporting animation and user interaction with AI characters.
  • Wrote C++ applications and libraries extending capabilities of existing Extempo software.
  • Wrote C++ COM libraries linking AI characters to voice recogntion and text to speech engines.
  • Wrote ASP, JavaScript, and VB Script interfaces for web applications.
  • Integrated Extempo software products with products from collaborating firms.
  • Administered a company network with 10 servers and several workstations.

·Sept. 1997 to June 1999

MA in Multimedia California State University, Hayward

Lead four grad students in a group thesis project to create a new human computer interface for wearable computers. We are creating a real time 3D animated character with voice interaction as a means of communicating with a computer in a hands free, desk free, unlimited movement context. The character, virtual information objects, and voice are overlayed on the real world by a transparent display. My responsibility includes project design, display integration, and C++ with OpenGL coding of the 3D character, objects, application logic, and also integration of sensor inputs from GPS and magnetic motion trackers.

·1983 to Present

Audio Engineer/Owner, Techart Sound and Light, Emeryville/Hayward

Own and operate Techart Sound & Light, a sound reinforcement business for live music events in the Bay Area and occasionally all over California. Free lance as a sound engineer for live music and recording, working with Bay Area artists such as Pete Escovedo, Rosie Gaines, Tony Tone Toni, and many others. Provided dialogue replacement, music, and sound effects recording and mixing for several of the film projects mentioned above.

·1983 to 1989

Research Associate, U.C. Berkeley Genetics lab, Berkeley

Participated in research projects by developing methods for purifications of proteins and peptides, and cell culture to isolate monoclonal antibodies.

·1982 to 1983

Research Associate, Hi Tech Scientific, Berkeley

Participated in R&D of radio immunoassays for clinical use and cell culture for monoclonal antibodies.

·1979 to 1982

Lab Technician, Alcan Aluminum, Berkeley

Performed quality control testing of aluminum powder products. Part time while at UCB, full time after graduation.

·1977 to 1981

BA in Biochemistry, University of California at Berkeley, graduated 1981.

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